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Top Neobanks of U.S. by Notion

Top Neobanks of U.S. by Notion

The meaning of neobanks is that they do not have any physical branches. Just all the banking services are provided online or via mobile applications. At the moment, nearly forty neobanks are in operation and the USA has the largest number of them. Neobanks that are headquartered or operate in the U.S. have raised a combined $1.1B+ in funding just for the last 6 months. Here is a list of the best neobanks companies in 2021. If you are interested in creating B2B email list building from this list, ask us for them.

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Top Neobanks of U.S. by Notion

CompanyWebsiteMarket Entry PointPaymentsAsset ManagementBanking Partners
1Chime BankingCredit/Debit Card, Payday AdvanceBudgeting,SavingsStride Bank, The Bancorp Bank
2Dave LendingDebit Card, Payday AdvanceBudgetingEvolve Bank & Trust
3Varo BankingCredit/Debit Card, Payday AdvanceSavingsThe Bancorp Bank
4Monzo Banking*Debit Card*,*Payday Advance**Savings*Sutton Bank
5Revolut BankingDebit Card, Payday Advance*Stocks*,Budgeting,CryptoMetropolitan Commercial Bank
6N26 BankingDebit Card, Payday AdvanceBudgeting,Robo-Advisor,SavingsAxos Bank
7SoFi LoansDebit Card, Payday AdvanceCrypto, ETFs, Robo-AdvisorThe Bancorp Bank
8Robinhood CardCrypto,StocksSutton Bank
9MoneyLion LendingDebit Card, Payday AdvanceRobo-Advisor,StocksLincoln Savings Bank
10Betterment CardRobo-Advisor,Savingsnbkc Bank
11Wealthfront CardRobo-Advisor,SavingsGreen Dot Bank
12Qapital CardBudgeting,Savings,StocksLincoln Savings Bank
13Empower Card, Payday AdvanceBudgeting,Savingsnbkc Bank
14Acorns CardRobo-Advisor,StocksLincoln Savings Bank
15Stash Card, Payday AdvanceBudgeting,StocksGreen Dot Bank
16Aspiration BankingDebit CardSavings,StocksCoastal Community Bank
17Wise Money TransferDebit Card, Peer-to-PeerCommunity Federal Savings Bank
18Greenlight BankingDebit CardBudgeting,SavingsCommunity Federal Savings Bank
19Current BankingDebit Card, Payday AdvanceBudgetingChoice Bank,Metropolitan Commercial Bank
20Oxygen Economy BankingDebit CardThe Bancorp Bank
21HMBradley BankingCredit Card, Debit CardSavingsHatch Bank
22Step BankingDebit Card, Peer-to-PeerBudgetingEvolve Bank & Trust
23Point BankingDebit CardEvolve Bank & Trust
24Coinbase TradingDebit CardCryptoMetaBank
25Branch BankingDebit CardEvolve Bank & Trust
26Sable BankingCredit Card,Debit Card*Savings*Evolve Bank & Trust
27Envel BankingDebit CardBudgetingnbkc Bank
28Cogni BankingDebit CardBudgetingCommunity Federal Savings Bank
29North Loop BankingCredit Card,Debit Card,Peer-to-PeerEvolve Bank & Trust
30Stilt LendingDebit CardEvolve Bank & Trust
31Gobank BankingDebit CardGreen Dot Bank
32Copper BankingDebit CardEvolve Bank & Trust
33Credit Sesame CardCommunity Federal Savings Bank
34Majority BankingDebit CardSutton Bank
35M1 Finance CardSavingsLincoln Savings Bank
36Honeydue BankingDebit CardBudgetingSutton Bank
37Douugh BankingDebit CardBudgetingChoice Bank
38Braid BankingDebit Card,Peer-to-PeerLendingClub Bank
39Upgrade LendingCredit Card,Debit CardCross River Bank,Sutton Bank
40One Finance BankingDebit CardSavingsCoastal Community Bank
41Unifimoney Net-Worth BankingDebit Card,Peer-to-PeerSavings,StocksUMB Bank
42Passbook by Remitly BankingDebit Card,Peer-to-PeerSunrise Banks
43Bridge Money BankingDebit CardEvolve Bank & Trust
44Qube Money BankingDebit CardBudgetingChoice Bank
45Cheese BankingDebit CardCoastal Community Bank
46Zeta BankingDebit CardLendingClub Bank
47Purple for people with disabilitiesDebit CardThe Bancorp Bank
48onJuno BankingDebit CardEvolve Bank & Trust
49Bella BankingDebit CardSavingsnbkc Bank
50Till BankingDebit Card,Peer-to-PeerSavingsCoastal Community Bank
51Brightwell Card,Peer-to-PeerThe Bancorp Bank
52Save CardSavingsRadius Bank
53Ando BankingDebit CardSavingsCommunity Federal Savings Bank
54Tend Banking*Debit Card**Savings*Vast Bank
55Alberthttps://albert.comSavings*Debit Card*,Payday AdvanceBudgeting,Savings,StocksSutton Bank
56Good Money Banking*Debit Card*Evolve Bank & Trust
57Happy Money Banking*Debit Card**Savings*nbkc Bank
58Betterbank Banking*Debit Card*Blue Ridge Bank
59Ivella Banking*Debit Card*The Bancorp Bank
60Long Game Banking*Debit Card*Savingsnbkc Bank
61Capway Education*Debit Card*,*Peer-to-Peer*Metropolitan Commercial Bank
62Marygold & Co. Banking*Debit Card*,*Peer-to-Peer**Savings*Radius Bank
63Unifimoney Net-Worth Banking*Credit Card*,*Debit Card**Robo-Advisor*,*Savings*UMB Bank
64Daylight Banking*Debit Card*MetaBank
65Extra Banking*Debit Card*Evolve Bank & Trust
66Finch Money Banking*Debit Card**Robo-Advisor*Evolve Bank & Trust
67Zoro Card Banking*Credit Card*
68Pinch Banking*Debit Card*The Bancorp Bank
69Letter Net-Worth Banking*Debit Card*
70Greenwood for Black/Latinx Customers*Debit Card**Savings*
71Lucky Card Banking*Debit Card*
72Yotta Savings Banking*Debit Card*SavingsEvolve Bank & Trust
73Sincere Banking*Debit Card*
74First Boulevard for Black/Latinx Customers*Debit Card*,*Peer-to-Peer**Savings*Central Bank of Kansas City
75Fair Banking*Debit Card*,*Peer-to-Peer**Savings*Coastal Community Bank
76Stretch Banking*Debit Card*
77Zytara Banking*Debit Card*,*Peer-to-Peer**Savings*
78Digit*Debit Card*Savings
79Spiral Banking*Debit Card**Savings*nbkc Bank
80Simba Banking*Debit Card*,*Peer-to-Peer*
81Rayo Banking*Debit Card*,*Peer-to-Peer**Savings*
82Purpose Banking*Debit Card*The Bancorp Bank
83Brick*Debit Card**Savings*Blue Ridge Bank
84Build Financial Banking*Debit Card**Savings*
85Wingocard Banking*Debit Card*Community Federal Savings Bank
86Aeldra Banking*Debit Card*Blue Ridge Bank
87Atmos Financial Banking*Debit Card*SavingsEvolve Bank & Trust
88Sencha Banking*Debit Card*

Source: The Neo List

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