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The Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2022

The Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2022

A lot of people had already guessed, who is the winner of the 100 most valuable brands in 2022, because this company has held its position for several years. The next two big giants (Amazon and Google) follow on the heels of Apple’s results, creating a good environment for competition. Also, our company has Market Research and Competitor Research services with which you can find out a lot about your main competitor and analyze your basic strategy.

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The Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2022

Brand2022 Brand Value ($B)CountrySector
1Apple$355.10United StatesTech & Services
2Amazon$350.30United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
3Google$263.40United StatesMedia & Telecoms
4Microsoft$184.20United StatesTech & Services
5Walmart$111.90United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
6Samsung Group$107.30South KoreaTech & Services
7Facebook$101.20United StatesMedia & Telecoms
8ICBC$75.10ChinaBanking & Insurance
9Huawei$71.20ChinaTech & Services
10Verizon$69.60United StatesMedia & Telecoms
11China Construction Bank$65.50ChinaBanking & Insurance
13WeChat$62.30ChinaMedia & Telecoms
14Agricultural Bank Of China$62.00ChinaBanking & Insurance
16State Grid$60.20ChinaEnergy & Utilities
17Deutsche Telekom$60.20GermanyMedia & Telecoms
18TikTok/Douyin$59.00ChinaMedia & Telecoms
19Disney$57.10United StatesMedia & Telecoms
20Home Depot$56.30United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
21Ping An$54.40ChinaBanking & Insurance
22Taobao$53.80ChinaRetail & Consumer Goods
23Shell$49.90United KingdomEnergy & Utilities
24Bank of China$49.60ChinaBanking & Insurance
25Tmall$49.20ChinaRetail & Consumer Goods
26AT&T$47.00United StatesMedia & Telecoms
27Tencent$46.70ChinaMedia & Telecoms
28Tesla$46.00United StatesAutomobiles
29Starbucks$45.70United StatesFood & Bev
30Allianz Group$45.20GermanyBanking & Insurance
31Aramco$43.60Saudi ArabiaEnergy & Utilities
32Moutai$42.90ChinaFood & Bev
34China Mobile$40.90ChinaMedia & Telecoms
35NTT Group$40.70JapanMedia & Telecoms
36McDonald’s$39.70United StatesFood & Bev
37Mitsubishi Group$39.20JapanAutomobiles
38UPS$38.50United StatesEnergy & Utilities
40Costco$37.50United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
41Bank of America$36.70United StatesBanking & Insurance
42Marlboro$36.30United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
43accenture$36.20United StatesTech & Services
44Coca-Cola$35.40United StatesFood & Bev
45Citi$34.40United StatesBanking & Insurance
47Instagram$33.50United StatesMedia & Telecoms
48Lowe’s$33.40United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
49Nike$33.20United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
50UnitedHealthcare$32.90United StatesHealthcare
51Xfinity$31.30United StatesMedia & Telecoms
52Chase$30.10United StatesBanking & Insurance
53Wells Fargo$30.10United StatesBanking & Insurance
54Deloitte$29.80United StatesTech & Services
55PetroChina$29.70ChinaEnergy & Utilities
56Netflix$29.40United StatesMedia & Telecoms
57Oracle$29.10United StatesTech & Services
58JP Morgan$28.90United StatesBanking & Insurance
59Wuliangye$28.70ChinaFood & Bev
60Target$28.30United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
62CSCEC$27.40ChinaEnergy & Utilities
63American Express$27.20United StatesBanking & Insurance$27.20ChinaRetail & Consumer Goods
65VISA$27.10United StatesBanking & Insurance
66Cisco$26.60United StatesTech & Services
67CVS$26.20United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
68FedEx$26.00United StatesEnergy & Utilities
69Intel$25.60United StatesTech & Services
70Sinopec$25.20ChinaEnergy & Utilities
71Sumitomo Group$25.10JapanTech & Services
72Hyundai Group$25.00South KoreaAutomobiles
73SK Group$24.40South KoreaMedia & Telecoms
74China Merchants Bank$24.40ChinaBanking & Insurance
75Mitsui$24.30JapanEnergy & Utilities
76Ford$24.20United StatesAutomobiles
77Spectrum$24.10United StatesMedia & Telecoms
78TATA Group$23.90IndiaEnergy & Utilities
79YouTube$23.90United StatesMedia & Telecoms
80China Life$23.90ChinaBanking & Insurance
81Louis Vuitton$23.40FranceRetail & Consumer Goods
82EY$23.20United KingdomTech & Services
83PWC$23.20United StatesTech & Services$22.80ChinaRetail & Consumer Goods
85Uber$22.80United StatesTech & Services
86Siemens Group$22.40GermanyEnergy & Utilities
87Dell Technologies$22.20United StatesTech & Services
88Mastercard$21.40United StatesTech & Services
89IBM$21.40United StatesTech & Services
90Nestlé$20.80SwitzerlandFood & Bev
91LG Group$20.80South KoreaTech & Services
92Pepsi$20.70United StatesFood & Bev
93TSMC$20.50TaiwanTech & Services
94Sony$19.80JapanTech & Services
95General Electric$19.70United StatesEnergy & Utilities
96CRCC$19.70ChinaEnergy & Utilities
97Walgreens$19.70United StatesRetail & Consumer Goods
98Vodafone$19.50United KingdomMedia & Telecoms
99Aldi$19.20GermanyRetail & Consumer Goods
100RBC$19.00CanadaBanking & Insurance

Source: Visual Capitalist

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