GDPR Regulatory Compliance of the Leading Solution Company

The Leading Solution team consists of research experts and data analysis specialists.  We work in real unity with our clients to help them find and optimize contact information about their potential consumers in consideration of the GDPR regulations.

Quite How Does Leading Solution Adhere to the GDPR Requirements?

1. The company harvests personal data in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation, high-grade communication with a client, and qualitative service provision. The Leading Solution company does not gather the information that is not required for work performance.

2. We provide clients with information that is available on the Internet. This data could be an email address, telephone number, or job position. These contact details are at free access for any Internet surfer – we find this information and package it into a suitable format. Any potential contact that we provide was specified for the B2B segment work previously. All the personal data we harvest is accurate, contains needful details and figures. It is actual and meets our clients’ goals in full scope. If some information would be considered inaccurate, it will be deleted or corrected.

3. Data is stored in a form that allows its details to be identified by the subject no longer than necessary. All personal information shall be processed taking into account safety requirements and ensuring protection against unauthorized access, loss and damage, using appropriate technical and organizational means.

4. Information recipients are only Leading Solution clients. The Company complies with the basic principles of data processing:

Legality and transparency of professional activities;

The specific purpose of processing (the minimum processing amount is required) is the accuracy of the data.

5. Data subjects. A person who can be identified by the reference to the corresponding identifier (except for the usual name, last name, identification number; mobile phone numbers, IP addresses, e-mail, or any other data that allows identification also refers to this category).

 What information does the Leading Solution company not use?

We do not harvest the personal information of a client that reveals the racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical commitments, affiliation with the professional union, etc. We search for genetic and biometric data for the purpose of identifying an individual, information regarding someone’s health, sexual activities or sexual orientation, etc. Our Company acts according to article 9 of the GDPR “Processing of the Special Categories of Personal Data.”

Thus, Leading Solution adheres to the principles of transparency, accuracy, confidentiality, and other GDPR standards.