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Leading Solution — international marketing company.

We are developing in the field of lead generation services, Data Research and List Building, as well as helping to grow and increase sales to US and European companies. We are one of the Top companies in the Upwork version.

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Values of
our company

Company values are vital to the overall success of building a business.

Professionalism - We love what we do!

We are guided by high standards in everything. We do not leave unsolved questions, do not provide unreasonable answers – the Leading Solution team strives to be the best!

EFFICIENCY - We aim to exceed expectations!

We aim to exceed the result above expectations. In all circumstances, we carry out work according to standards within the specified budget and clearly defined timeframes.

TEAM - we all are different, but we are the one!

Each of us realizes our responsibility to clients, colleagues, society. So, our team builds effective interaction based on trust, cooperation, and respect. Working as a coherent team, we culminate.

DEVELOPMENT - endless progress for new achievements!

Constant development is the way to new achievements! That is why we regularly invest in our knowledge, set ambitious goals, improve our skills. We help our clients to make strides and bring companies to a new level.


what we

We love our employees and want to support them at work and at home. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from working with us.




Intra-corporate training programs


Flexible work schedule


Paid vacation


Drawing up a plan for individual professional development


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If you share our values, we will be glad to welcome you to our team!

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generally asked

Are you considering a candidate for a job post without experience?

Yes, it is distinctly possible. We are considering candidates for various posts without experience. The only thing to note, you should be ready to work on the computer quickly, demonstrate your responsibility and perseverance.

Is an internship paid for newcomers?

Yes, of course. We have 3 months of paid internship and a week of study. The first week of your study is paid at the end of the second internship.

When are wages paid? How is the wage payment made to employees?

Payment of wages takes place twice a month: at the beginning of the month and in the middle of the month.

Is an internship paid for newcomers?

Yes, of course. We have 3 months of paid internship and a week of study. The first week of your study is paid at the end of the second internship.

Can you describe in detail the LS studying process?

The studying process starts with your first visit to our office. Here you will learn, get new knowledge, and have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and desire to work. If you successfully complete the study week, then you can begin your internship.

How useful is knowledge of English for applicants?

Knowledge of English is important because your work implies search for information in English. Therefore, our applicants should obtain at least an Intermediate level of English.

Is it important to have your own laptop?

Yes, we work both in a remote mode and in the office. Therefore, it is critical to have your own laptop. Especially, it is important while you study and are on the internship stage.

I am ready to send a CV. Where to send?

You can send a resume to our accounts on the websites or Use Lead Solution links.

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