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Top Finance Startups Founded in 2022

Top Finance Startups Founded in 2022

There is a list of Top Finance Startups that have main industries of Financial Service, Banking, Cryptocurrencies, etc. Traditional banks are financial institutions that have a license to receive deposits and provide loans to individuals and legal entities. For a long time, consumers put up with the lack of traditional banking technologies, but in the face of the growth of financial technology, it is difficult for banks to keep up and offer customers the innovations they want.

This list includes the newest Financial startups in the world, that have to follow the innovative things in the industry. Top Finance Startups founded in 2022 is leaded by three main companies: FTX Ventures, Efficient Capital, and Pylon.

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Top Finance Startups Founded in 2022

Company NameWebsiteFounded dateIndustriesHeadquarters Location
1FTX Ventureshttps://ftx.com2022-01-14Blockchain, Finance, Financial Services, Venture CapitalNassau, New Providence, Bahamas
2Efficient Capital Labs Services, FinTech, SaaSNew York, New York, United States
3Pylon, Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, SoftwareNew York, New York, United States
4Super Paymentshttps://www.superpayments.com2022-02-09Financial Services, FinTech, Payments, Transaction ProcessingLondon, England, United Kingdom
5Zamp, Financial Services, PaymentsGurgaon, Haryana, India
6CreatorDAOhttps://creatordao.com2022-01-01Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTechLos Angeles, California, United States
7Nilushttps://www.nilus.com2022-01-01Financial Services, FinTech, PaymentsNew York, New York, United States
8COVU, Financial Services, InsuranceRedwood City, California, United States
9Miliohttp://www.miliopay.com2022-01-01Financial Services, FinTechBogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia
10Arch, Financial Services, FinTech, LendingNew York, New York, United States
11Orderly Network, Cryptocurrency, Financial ServicesNassau, New Providence, Bahamas
12Kanastra Management, Banking, Financial ServicesUberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
13Lama AIhttps://www.lama.ai2022-01-01Banking, Commercial Lending, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, LendingNew York, New York, United States
14peerchequehttps://peercheque.com2022-01-01Consulting, Financial Services, Venture CapitalMumbai, Maharashtra, India
15Atoa, Financial Services, FinTech, PaymentsLondon, England, United Kingdom
16C14, Enterprise Software, Financial ServicesBrookline, Massachusetts, United States
17Perennial Labs, Finance, Financial ServicesNew Castle, Delaware, United States
18Mad capital, Credit, FinanceBoulder, Colorado, United States
19Chocolate Finance Services, FinTechSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
20xalts, Financial Services, FinTechHong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
21aviva, Credit, Credit Cards, Financial Services, FinTechMexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
22Zype Services, FinTech, PaymentsMumbai, Maharashtra, India
23upsurgehttps://upsurge.in2022-01-01E-Learning, Financial Services, Gaming, Social EntrepreneurshipNew Delhi, Delhi, India
24Pinhttps://www.getpin.xyz2022-01-01Communities, Financial Services, Legal, Venture CapitalNew York, New York, United States
25Binocs, Financial Services, FinTechBangalore, Karnataka, India
26Paytrix ServicesLondon, England, United Kingdom
27Atlar Services, PaymentsStockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
28Utopia Homeshttp://www.Utopiahomes.us2022-01-01Credit, Financial Services, FinTech, Real Estate, Rental Property, Residential, Social ImpactNew York, New York, United States
29Keeta, Financial Services, PaymentsSanta Monica, California, United States
30Vance, Financial Services, FinTechSan Francisco, California, United States
31Vestohttps://www.getvesto.com2022-05-01Financial ServicesNew York, New York, United States
32Arrendahttps://arrenda.mx2022-01-01Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, Real EstateMexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
33Sunfish Technologies, Inc Services
34Inypay Services, FinTechSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
35Panoptic, FinTech, Information Technology, SoftwareBrookline, Massachusetts, United States
36NAKAD Services, FinTechDelhi, Delhi, India
37Paper, Payments, SoftwareSan Francisco, California, United States
38Koinbasket, Finance, Financial ServicesSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
39Turno Services, FinTechBengaluru, Karnataka, India
40Arcanahttps://www.arcana.io2022-01-01Analytics, Financial Services, FinTech, SoftwareNew York, New York, United States
41Magpie Protocolhttps://www.magpiefi.xyz2022-01-01Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Trading Platform, Virtual CurrencyDubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
42Union Credit, Finance, FinTech, MarketplaceSanta Rosa, California, United States
43WorkMadehttps://workmade.com2022-02-10Financial Services, FinTech, SoftwareNew City, New York, United States
44Supermojohttps://www.supermojo.com2022-01-01Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial ServicesGreenbrae, California, United States
45Undeadshttps://undeads.com2022-01-17Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Gaming, Information TechnologyDubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
46Tangelo, Financial ServicesMexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
47nftperp, Financial Services, Trading PlatformWashington, District of Columbia, United States
48Ante Capitalhttps://antecapital.us2022-10-21Financial Services, Hedge FundsNew York, New York, United States
49Keep Financialhttps://www.keepfinancial.com2022-01-01Financial ServicesBoston, Massachusetts, United States
50Koa, Financial Services, FinTechNairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
51Mattilda, Financial Services, FinTech, PaymentsMexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
52Kontempo Services, FinTech, PaymentsMexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
53Finnthttps://www.finnt.com2022-01-01Finance, FinTech, Mobile AppsMiami, Florida, United States
54aVenturehttps://aventure.vc2022-04-26Angel Investment, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, Funding Platform, Venture CapitalSan Francisco, California, United States
55Headquartershttps://www.hq.xyz2022-01-01Accounting, Blockchain, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, PaymentsSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
56Ocho Services, Wealth ManagementBrooklyn, New York, United States
57Butter Insurance Services, Insurance, Online Portals, Personal FinanceSydney, New South Wales, Australia
58Yonderhttps://www.yonder.app2022-02-01Apps, Financial Services, Insurance, RetirementDublin, Dublin, Ireland
59Payflows2022-04-01Financial Services, FinTechParis, Ile-de-France, France
60Payverse Services, FinTech, PaaSLos Angeles, California, United States
61Fight Out, Finance, FitnessLondon, England, United Kingdom
62NF3, PublishingSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
63Liqwid Labs, Financial Services, LendingWashington, Pennsylvania, United States
64Celeri Services, SoftwareNew York, New York, United States
65Datanomikhttps://www.datanomik.com2022-01-01Banking, Developer APIs, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, SoftwareMontevideo, NA – Uruguay, Uruguay
66Pine Protocol, Financial Services, Information Services, Information Technology, LendingPanama City, Panama, Panama
67SPICYESThttps://www.spicyest.com2022-01-31Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial ServicesNew York, New York, United States
68Fimple, Financial Services, FinTechLondon, England, United Kingdom
69Sidekick, Financial Services, Personal FinanceLondon, England, United Kingdom
70Ringkas Services, FinTechJakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
71Leaf Roundhttps://leafround.com2022-01-01Financial Services, FinTech, Funding Platform, Leasing, Lending, MarketplaceBengaluru, Karnataka, India
72Brassica Finance, Financial ServicesHouston, Texas, United States
73FLATPAYhttps://flatpay.dk2022-01-01Credit Cards, Financial Services, PaymentsHerlev, Hovedstaden, Denmark
74Turanhttp://turan.app2022-01-01Finance, Financial Services, FinTechIstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
75Binaryx, Financial Services, FinTech, Real EstateNew York, New York, United States
76Cega, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Financial Services, FinTechSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
77Moon Mortgagehttps://moonmortgage.io2022-03-03Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, LendingMiami, Florida, United States
78Normal, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTechChicago, Illinois, United States
79ModernFihttps://modernfi.com2022-01-01Banking, Finance, Financial ServicesNew York, New York, United States
80Rakkar Digitalhttps://www.rakkardigital.com2022-01-01Financial ServicesSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
81Embea Services, Insurance, InsurTech, SoftwareBerlin, Berlin, Germany
82Bits Technology Services, FinTechStockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
83Orushttps://www.orus.eu2022-01-01Finance, Financial Services, InsuranceParis, Ile-de-France, France
84Daxsen Bankhttps://daxsenbank.com2022-06-04Banking, Digital Media, Financial ServicesNew York, New York, United States
85PayI2022-06-01Credit Cards, Finance, FinTech, SoftwareHerzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
86Enegix Payments DMCChttps://enegix.io2022-05-01Banking, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, Mobile PaymentsDubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
87Madfu, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, PaymentsRiyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia
88Hedgehttp://hedge.so2022-01-13Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial ServicesNew York, New York, United States
89Tweed Paymentshttps://www.paytweed.com2022-01-01Financial Services, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology, Retail TechnologyNew York, New York, United States
90Coinbooks, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, SoftwareSan Francisco, California, United States
91SkorLife Services, FinTechJakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
92GRN GRID, Finance, FinTechZug, Zug, Switzerland
93CashEx, Financial Services, FinTechCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
94Neathttps://www.neat.eu2022-01-01Financial Services, InsuranceBordeaux, Aquitaine, France
95Infinity Exchangehttps://www.infinity.exchange2022-01-01Finance, Information Services, Information Technology, InternetSingapore, Central Region, Singapore
96Justhome, Financial ServicesBerlin, Berlin, Germany
97Platya Exchanges, FinTech
98Banktrack ServicesBarcelona, Catalonia, Spain
99EFEX ServicesMenlo Park, California, United States
100Unlockdhttps://www.unlockd.finance2022-01-01FinanceIsaba, Navarra, Spain

Source: Crunchbase

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