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Top 100 Digital Health Companies by The Medical Futurist

Top 100 Digital Health Companies by The Medical Futurist

Digital health has a broad scope and includes the use of wearable devices, mobile health, telehealth, health information technology, and telemedicine. Rock Health recently noted that digital health companies had netted $14.7 billion of VC funding through the first half of 2021. The best digital health companies around the world were determined by The Medical Futurist. These companies are grouped according to the technological trend they belong to the most. We are working frequently with companies who work with the health industry and we expand databases for them with our B2B list building service.

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Top 100 Digital Health Companies

Company NamePrimary FieldSecondary Field
1CELLINK3D printing
2FabRX3D printing
3Natural Machines3D printing
4Not Impossible Labs3D printing
5CloudMedXArtificial intelligenceDiagnostics
6Corti.AIArtificial intelligenceDiagnostics
7DeepMindArtificial intelligenceDiagnostics
8EnliticArtificial intelligenceDiagnostics
9Behold.AIArtificial intelligenceDiagnostics
10Ada HealthArtificial intelligenceHealth management
11MySense.AIArtificial intelligenceHealth management
12ArterysArtificial intelligenceMedical imaging
13AugmedixArtificial intelligence
14CuriscopeAugmented realityEducation
15Microsoft HololensAugmented realityEducation
16AntidoteClinical trials
17Butterfly NetworkDigital health deviceArtificial intelligence
18ClariusDigital health deviceArtificial intelligence
19MC10Digital health deviceClinical trials
20FitbitDigital health deviceFitness
21MisfitDigital health deviceFitness
22WahooDigital health deviceFitness
23PolarDigital health deviceFitness
24GarminDigital health deviceFitness
25AcurableDigital health deviceHealth management
26DexcomDigital health deviceHealth management
27D-EyeDigital health deviceHealth management
28ElvieDigital health deviceHealth management
29EmpaticaDigital health deviceHealth management
30EyequeDigital health deviceHealth management
31HeraBeatDigital health deviceHealth management
32LiftwareDigital health deviceHealth management
33MedtronicDigital health deviceHealth management
34MuseDigital health deviceHealth management
35OmronDigital health deviceHealth management
36PhilipsDigital health deviceHealth management
37Propeller HealthDigital health deviceHealth management
38ViatomDigital health deviceHealth management
39WithingsDigital health deviceHealth management
40AioCareDigital health deviceHealth management
41Nemura MedicalDigital health deviceHealth management
42BeatODigital health deviceHealth management
43OuraDigital health deviceHealth management
44PilleveDigital health deviceMedication management
45NimaDigital health deviceNutrition
46EkuoreDigital health devicePortable diagnostic device
47EKODigital health device
48Oncompass MedicineGenomicsClinical trials
50Atlas BiomedGenomics
51Dante LabsGenomics
55DiabeloopHealth managementArtificial intelligence
56ImawareHealth managementLab testing
57HeadspaceHealth managementMental health
58CalmHealth managementMental health
59Omada HealthHealth management
60Patients Like MeHealth management
61Smart PatientsHealth management
62UrbandroidHealth management
63OneRemissionHealth management
64FlorenceHealth management
65Oscar HealthHealth management
66CirculationMedical transportation
67ZiplineMedical transportation
68AdhereTechMedication management
69etectRXMedication management
70AlivecorPortable diagnostic deviceHealth management
71MedwandPortable diagnostic device
72HearscopePortable diagnostic device
73MocacarePortable diagnostic device
74Babylon HealthRemote careArtificial intelligence
75SkinvisionRemote careArtificial intelligence
76WoebotRemote careArtificial intelligence
77MavenRemote careDiagnostics
78iDoc24Remote careHealth management
79MySugrRemote careHealth management
80Natural CyclesRemote careHealth management
81Ginger.IORemote careMental health
82INTouch HealthRemote careRobotics
83AmWellRemote care
84Ava HealthRemote care
85BonzunRemote care
86SenselyRemote care
89Rewalk RoboticsRoboticsExoskeleton
91Intuitive SurgicalRobotics
94Medical RealitiesVirtual realityEducation
95Osso VRVirtual realityEducation
96Surgical TheaterVirtual realityEducation
97Firsthand TechnologyVirtual realityHealth management
98Virtually BetterVirtual realityHealth management
99PsiousVirtual realityMental health
100  AppliedVRVirtual reality

Source: The Medical Futurist

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