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How to Generate Real Estate Leads with Leading Solution

How to Generate Real Estate Leads with Leading Solution

Like any business, real estate agents must generate leads if they are to find customers with whom to close their deals.

While referrals remain an important channel for finding relevant contacts, you cannot afford to overlook online lead generation in your quest to build your real estate business. Indeed, every real estate deal today is likely to have been nurtured at least part of the way online.

Here, then, are some top tips you can use to generate B2B leads with Leading Solution.

Optimize your Website for Online Lead Generation

Few real estate businesses are devoid of an online presence in the twenty-first century. But if you are hoping to succeed with online lead generation, your website will need much more than your current listings and phone number. So what should you do?

First, customize different areas of the site as portals and landing pages for specific types of leads. For instance, you may need separate areas for any of the following depending on the size, specialty, and extent of your real estate portfolio:

– Sellers
– Buyers
– Investors
– Rentals
– Office space
– Retail premises
– Mixed use

Second, populate each of these areas with rich, resourceful information. Remember, in the first instance, none of your leads will be looking to buy or sell a property within a few clicks. If you are to generate B2B leads with success, you must nurture their appetite with knowledge relevant to their needs.

For instance, consider publishing regular articles on relevant news and updates in the real estate industry. Draw the attention of your prospects to new and exciting aspects of their real estate deals they might like to consider.

Third, conclude every page with a call to action. No opportunity to communicate with a potential lead should walk them to a dead end – you need to carry the relationship forward. So why not prompt them to download a comprehensive buyer’s or seller’s guide you’ve produced, or – better still – sign them up to your email list?

Fourth, you’ll know that location consumes a large portion of the decision-making process in real estate deals. As such, you must optimize your site for your target location.

For example, write blog articles focused on community and charity events. Keep a close eye on local issues that are likely to matter – especially changes to infrastructure or amenities which may have a direct impact on the real estate market. Draw attention to these by offering help and advice to your leads.

Try also to partner with local groups and businesses to write about you in return – an effort that should reward your site with inbound links. Spread your brand awareness throughout the community by offering sponsorship or patronage to local events.

Finally, remember to include testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients. In real estate, the opportunity to hear of a great experience is almost certain to boost your reputation among prospective leads.

Generate Leads Through an Opt-in List

An opt-in list is a valuable database of potential clients. As each lead has chosen to be included, you already know they are interested in what you have to offer.

Whether it’s through your website, blog, or social media account, waste no opportunity to sign up prospects as subscribers to your newsletter or email list. Through this, you should aim to deliver quality news and information on a number of areas critical to your leads:

– New listings
– Recent deals
– Building and project news
– Important changes in legislation, taxes, building codes or health and safety
– Client testimonials

All of this should aim at revealing your expertise in the areas which matter most to your potential clients.

Tip: to further incentivize sign-up, consider granting your subscribers priority access to new property listings, or a special gift such as a detailed guide you have written.

Qualify and Segment your Leads

No two leads are equal. Qualifying and segmenting your leads will allow you to focus your attention on the most eager leads while also refining appropriate marketing messages for each segment.

There are a number of metrics through which this could be achieved:

– Level of Engagement – the leads who are most often opening your newsletter or liking and sharing your social media posts are those you are most likely to convert to a client. Such leads can be exposed to the most frequent and potent marketing material while less engaged leads should be reoriented with more gentle nurturing.
– Area of Contact – you may need to customize your approach depending on whether your lead is, say, a newsletter subscriber or a follower on social media.
– Demographics – in the B2B world, this will mean the nature of the business. The real estate needs of a “Mom & Pop” store or auto repair business are likely to differ from those of a corporation in search of six floors of office space. Some prospects may lie outside your area of specialization; but if you can serve them, you will need to tailor your marketing message accordingly.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media is an important tool for online lead generation. As with your blog or newsletter, you should post relevant news and content, as well as engage in ad campaigns. Aim for maximum engagement through likes, shares and comments.

Social media is also the best opportunity you will have for putting your face to your name. While you will want to be finding relevant contacts of businesses with real estate needs, remember the local aspect too – be sure to follow nearby community, business and charity groups, taking time to interact with their content.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may be the most obvious social media options, but do not overlook YouTube. Online video is an incredibly useful format for the visual promotion of properties, as well as for sharing knowledge and advice.

You will, of course, have to invest in quality video production – anything below high definition and professional editing are unlikely to cut the ice these days. However, the results will be worthwhile.

Lead Research with Leading Solution

The quest to generate leads for real estate agents can be a time consuming exercise to manage in-house. So why not consider recruiting a specialist lead research provider to do the hard work for you?

Leading Solution will offer real estate agents such as yourself competitive access to a number of services relevant to online lead generation:

Market Research
Lead Research
List Building
Data Management
Database Cleansing
Data Enrichment

This dedication will mean that your efforts to generate b2b leads remain relevant and focused, delivering a greater number of profitable clients for your thriving real estate business.

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