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How to Automate Email Prospecting with List Building

How to Automate Email Prospecting with List Building

A recent study conducted by Rain Group has found out that 67% of purchases are done digitally. Despite the changes in the trend of doing business, emails are still considered as one of the most effective ways to boost company sales. And now we want to show you how to automate email prospecting with List Building services.

Working in sales will certainly require you to spend a big portion of your time on prospecting – the process of sending out sales or marketing collateral to leads, in the hope of initiating engagement from potential customers or clients. Email prospecting is a way to identify, research, and qualify for cold emails in order to ensure that you reach out to people who fit your products or services. This can also give businesses some important information that they can use to personalize current and future emails.

Although this can seem like a long and laborious task, having some clear strategies and tried-and-tested techniques can make the work so much more efficient and effective. Using email automation allows businesses to send emails to potential customers at specific times. Thus, allowing you to reach the right people at the right time. As it is automated, you save yourself from the arduous amount of work of sending emails, and instead focus on other aspects of your business to increase your sales.

Linking your CRM to an email marketing app is a way to effectively nurture your subscribers from the data of their purchases and buying behaviors.

Now, this is something really important to note: Effective prospecting campaigns require great planning!

How to Prospect Effectively

To make email prospecting effective, you need to gather data on prospecting, create content that targets the needs and interests of the buyers, write and test email templates, identify the perfect prospecting software, codify a research process and train the members of the sales team. Once these preliminary steps are accomplished, you are ready to automate your emails.

Having an engaged email list is a sure boost to your business. It allows you to shape your brand storytelling and reaches far better than paid media – making it a more cost-effective strategy.

An email list is a list of email addresses and other related data, which can include name, age, gender, and location. These are generated through a process of data collection from website visitors and customers.

List building can be created through websites, social media accounts, events and store sign-up sheets. Building an email list can be done by using website pages, pop-ups, embedded sign-up forms, and various social media.

Why is List Building so important?

Building an email list is very important because it is one of the best-proven ways to reach out to customers and build a lasting business relationship with them. Getting messages into their inbox, especially with a personalized touch promises a sure read. Emails stay in the inbox until they are read or archived, thus, people will be able to refer to them more than once and even use the search options to look for them, too.

The more people you have on your email list, the more potential buyers could see your sales and marketing messages. Not only do email lists have a high conversion rate, but it also allows you to continuously monetize it by pitching multiple products.

Top Tips to Make Automated Email Prospecting Efficient and Productive


Automated email software allows you to schedule emails to your email list. This makes your work more organized and flexible. Automated emails also automatically unsubscribe those who reply from the list. This is beneficial because it gives you a clear list of people who responded, to whom you could send follow-up communication. The responders will then not be receiving extra emails which offer the same products or services, which can put off potential customers.

Moreover, this strategy allows you to reach out to potential customers in different time zones. Your emails should reach the inboxes at the time when they are most likely to be read.

Keep your email subject line short and sharp

Your email subject line is most probably the first set of words that would grab your target customer’s attention. This can be the first deciding point of whether your email gets read or ignored.

Make it sound personal and talk like a real person. Avoid subject lines that can likely trigger a spam filter such as ‘best price offer’, ‘click here’, ‘win’, ‘double your money’, ‘earn more’, etc. Write in a conversational and friendly tone. Using first names naturally draws readers’ attention and makes the emails stand out from all the generic ones.

Most importantly, keep it nice and short. Keep it sharp and on point.

According to an email analysis conducted by Leadium, subject lines which are no more than four words are the most effective. While this may not be possible for all emails, keeping this in mind as a rough target is helpful.

Make the email body engaging

Following a strong subject line, your emails are most likely to be opened and read. However, it does not stop there. Your email body must be as engaging as your subject line in order to sustain your readers’ interest.

Again, make it personal. Use first names and touch on specific details of your recipient’s life or career. You may mention something specific to their business or company.

Pitch your message well so that you relay to your potential customers what is in it for them if they do business with you. This would help them see how your product or services would be beneficial for them. You could point out how you could make their lives easier or solve pain points in their businesses.

Be clear and concise. Like the subject line, the body of your email does not need to be too long. Otherwise, you will drag on and lose your recipient’s interest. Remember that it is in this part where you connect with your prospect, so keep it manageable to read.

Be creative
Marketing emails need not be boring! Consider using images, GIFs, and infographics to make your emails look more lively. Consider your recipients and think about what images they would find appealing. Conveying your creativity and passion for your product would help generate more responses from your prospects.

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