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How Email Validation Improves Marketing Result

How Email Validation Improves Marketing Result

It is a well-known fact that building high-quality B2B email lists is one of the top priorities in the B2B industry. Email leads that ultimately convert to paying customers takes a long and rigorous process. But how can email validation improve marketing results?

Email leads need to be sent personalized messages that tailor to their needs. Writing these personalized emails takes time and effort, just like crafting a gift, especially for someone. But just imagine the horror of posting this wonderfully crafted gift to the wrong address! The same thing happens when you send your email to an invalid email address.

This is the primary reason why email validation is important.

It is vital to deliver your email to the correct address if you expect positive results. This might seem trivial, but you would be surprised by the number of marketing campaigns that fail because they have not verified the emails in their B2B mailing lists.

So how do you validate your B2B mailing lists?
Validating your email lists means checking each address one by one to ensure that a mail record is existent for the domain. You could also further determine whether the email address can be routed.

While email remains one of the most preferred and effective channels of communication, roughly only 10% of email addresses in your targeted email database are accurate. This can be mostly due to human errors.

When you verify email addresses, your email marketing becomes more effective, fraud is prevented and your sender’s reputation is protected.

How does email verification work?
Email verification services use several checkpoints to validate the information.

One of the first checks is to confirm that the email address is formatted according to the standards of the industry.

Another factor that would be considered is whether the email contains typical roles within an organisation as opposed to personal ones. For instance, email addresses with info@ or webmaster@ will be taken off the list.

If you send bulk emails to these addresses, you can be flagged for sending spam emails, as you appear to not know the personal email of the person in your targeted email database.

Temporary and bot emails are other types of emails that can be identified when validating email addresses. Lastly, the system will make sure that email addresses are not blacklisted, and then a final confirmation is performed.

This email validation process ensures that all your email leads are valid.

Reasons Why Email Validation is Important
Here are some overarching principles of why email validation is important in growing your business:

Authentic Recipients
Validating emails in your targeted email database ensures that your messages reach your target audience. Just imagine crafting the perfect message for your marketing campaign, yet you fail to meet your goals for open and click-through rates. This could be because the email addresses in your mailing list are not authentic.

Your marketing campaign fails, and you go back to square one, overhaul your plans and try again. This can be extremely frustrating.

If your B2B mailing list has a high number of invalid accounts, the click-through rates and conversion rates will naturally be low.

Higher Engagement Rates
If your personalized emails reach authentic recipients, whose needs can be met by your company, you will naturally have higher engagement rates.

Email verification goes both ways. Protective measures are performed to limit the delivery of spam messages. If your bulk sends are flagged for having a high number of invalid email addresses, your whole email system might be flagged by some of your recipients’ email programs.

Lower Bounce Rates
Bounced emails are emails that are undeliverable because the email address is non-existent. This can be a result of typographical errors.

Hard bounces can also be a result of sending emails to a legitimate email address that has since been closed by its owner. There are many email programs that have a bounce rate threshold that serves as a gatekeeper for a person’s inbox. If your bulk email bounce rate goes over that threshold, there is a possibility that your emails will be redirected to the spam folder.

Using an email verification service can help you eradicate hard bounces. This keeps your bounced email count low and your reputation high.

Ensures Email Deliverability
High email deliverability means more people are receiving your personalized and carefully crafted marketing emails. Even if your email list keeps on growing, if your emails are not delivered successfully, your campaign will be in vain. A recent survey shows that the average deliverability rate stands at around 72%. This implies that over a quarter of emails do not reach the target inbox. This decreases your reach and reduces traffic generated from emails. Consequently, the conversion rate suffers.

Having authentic and valid email addresses ensures your emails get delivered straight into the customer’s inbox.

You Maintain a Good Sender Reputation
Having a good sender reputation means email programs perceive your bulk emails as relevant and legitimate. The higher your sender’s reputation is, the higher the possibility of your emails making it to your target people’s inbox.

The sender score is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the number, the better. This is determined by your sending habits, including how often you send messages and your engagement rates.

Validated Emails Promote Higher Value
Reaching out and engaging with a responsive audience creates higher value for your business. When you reach out to people who are interested in what you have to offer, there is a big chance that they will interact with your emails. In order to achieve this, you have to connect with the right people.

Email validation can refine and maintain authentic email addresses. This has been proven to have immediate benefits such as reduced bounce rates, higher conversion rates, greater ROI, and a good sender reputation.

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